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Recently I have been wanting to put together a list of my favorite local spots, especially places that are geared towards kid friendly activities. If you’re a Somers parent or just live in our wonderful town, then go ahead and read on! And if you’re a bit farther away, well maybe reading this will encourage you to take a trip to our town that’s filled with a sense of community and pride, and awesome spots to visit. Go Tuskers!

Favorite dance studio: Penny Lane Dance Academy

My daughter Reagan, who is now ten, has been dancing at Penny Lane since the age of four. It truly feels like a family at the studio. The teachers are all warm and caring and also very professional. There is focus on classical training but also enjoying the experience every step of the way. My daughter loves competing on the dance team there. Girls and boys can choose from ballet, hip hop, jazz, tap and modern. It’s definitely the place to be where kids can go to feel uplifted and good about themselves.

Favorite preschool: Littles People’s of Somers

My son John attended Little People’s and loved every minute of his three years there. My littlest Tristan is now their biggest fan and I can’t even explain what a blessing they have been. They are a play based preschool that has such wonderful teachers. They are very nurturing and kind with their students and they make learning fun. It has a wonderful outdoor playground which is an added bonus. My favorite event is their student art show. The kids are so proud to show off their work come springtime. The school offers different hours for each age and is definitely worth a tour if you need a preschool. The director, Mrs. CC, is truly invested in making each child’s experience a positive one!

Favorite coffee spot: Bobo’s Cafe

You can’t go wrong at Bobo’s! I love everything on their menu, especially the avocado toast and the Killa Kate and Bo-Ccino shakes! The vibe there is great and it’s the perfect spot to grab a coffee and run or have a nice brunch with friends.

Favorite outdoor spot to visit for littles: Muscoot Farm

What parent doesn’t love taking their kids to the farm? My kids were always obsessed with farm animals so Muscoot was a no brainer for us. They have cows, pigs, goats and chickens to the delight of my three year old. They also have programs and events all year round, including a farmers market!

Favorite art studio: Railyard Arts Studio

Located right next to the Croton Falls train station, you will find this charming art studio. My kids have taken a Winter Wonderland workshop here where they got to use Model Magic to create a winter scene. There are great kids classes to choose from including painting, pottery, and STEAM classes. The adult options are worth a look, too!

Favorite sports classes: No Fear

No Fear is an awesome way to get your kids involved in learning the fundamentals of sports while doing it safely and having fun! They offer individual and group sessions, in addition to classes for toddlers, preschool age, and school aged students.

Favorite camp: Heart and Hustle

This sports camp located in Purdys is a hidden gem! This camp focuses on various skills each day and has the campers moving and learning the whole time. My kids love the relay races with water balloons!

Favorite fall spot: Stuart’s Fruit Farm

My family loves to visit Stuart’s when it’s time for apple picking. They also have great apple cider donuts and pies. They are a little more quiet than some of the neighboring orchards so my family and I prefer it when we are looking to beat the crowds.

Favorite pizzeria: Sal’s Pizzeria and Fratelli’s Pizza and Pasta

This was a tough one for me but I have to say we love Sal’s Pizzeria in Lincolndale. There’s something about their sauce that makes this Italian girl happy. I’m aware my last name is Dooley, but my maiden name is Carlino, so you can understand now why sauce is important to me! And don’t miss out on their grandma pie! However, I have to give it to Fratelli’s Pizza and Pasta for their chicken roll!

Favorite bakery: Sweet Delites

Anytime we have a special event, we love to treat ourselves to a cake by Sweet Delites. The family favorite in this house is the cannoli cake. We have ordered it for christenings and special events. It’s beyond delicious.

Favorite restaurant: There are way too many to choose from so I’ll just go ahead and list my favorites. The Burger Barn is the most kid friendly if you want a place where your kids can relax and you can still have a great burger. I love the ambiance at Prime Pub, the traditional Italian food at Il Forno, and the fun desserts at the Mt. Kisco Diner are truly a work of art!

I’m sure I missed some wonderful spots so feel free to comment and let me know what I missed or let me know if you have any other local recommendations. You can also send me a message on Instagram!

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