Mama Update

In August of 2022, I decided to start my blog, Mama Explains, and have loved every minute of it. A month later in September I began sending my blog entries over to The Somers Record and they started publishing them weekly. They even featured my articles in other local newspapers, too! I was so excited to see my words in print! This whole experience has been so awesome for me. I have always shared my ideas, opinions, thoughts and experiences through my words and now others got to read them, too. I have had such wonderful feedback from family, friends, and strangers whether it was through texts, emails, and direct messages. Believe or not, I have even got some crazy ones, too! I was even lucky enough to get a short term freelance writing gig when someone saw one of my articles in the paper. The reader had been looking for someone to write a personal article for them and felt that based on my writing style, that I was the person to do it. My hope for having my writing in the paper was to gain exposure and that’s exactly what it did. As months have gone by, I have had new visions. Being that I have been writing for quite some time now I finally feel that I have just enough to start my book.  My dream since I was a little girl was to write a book, but I wasn’t ever sure what direction it would go into, until now.  Plus, I was always too busy with teaching and then my three children. So, I have decided that I am going to be spending time working on a book titled, Mama Explains, naturally, where I will showcase my personal essays. Essentially, I will be taking my blog entries and putting them into a book with some new stories added in, of course. That being said, I will be taking some time away from my blog and the newspaper in order to focus on my book. I barely have time as it is juggling three kids, two dogs, a husband, and a busy life and any time I found as free time would always be working on my blog.  However, I feel like it is time to finally give a little extra love to my book project that has been waiting so patiently. It’s not to say that I won’t be adding to my blog ever again, but I will be doing it a bit less.

I want to thank everyone so much for their support, messages, and comments. Wish me luck in this new endeavor and hopefully I will have my own book out within the next year! Thank you again for such support and love and most importantly, thank you for reading!

Love, Nicole (Mama)

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