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Tristan and I were lucky enough to recently visit a new play group called The Thrive Learning Hub. Located in Somers at 361 Route 202, Suite 200, this new pop-up playgroup is where children ages 1.5 to 6 years old can play and enjoy sensory-based stations. It’s run by two local moms, one of which is a Speech-language Pathologist. I loved how it was a flexible play experience, meeting each child where they’re at, so there was no pressure to follow along with the group. Tristan was able to enjoy each activity for as long, or as little, as he wanted. He got to socialize with other kids in a judgement-free, totally fun space. He (and I!) really loved how each area had different objects to be explored “not as intended” (like pink and white balloons that they could paint with sponges!).

When we arrived, Tristan was so excited to see many different areas of play. First, he made his way over to have fun at the water table that had spoons and scoopers for the ducks and flowers floating and bobbing around. It was a dream come true for him to splash around! Next, he made his way over to the “baking table” that had homemade pink play dough and complete with little baking trays, red heart gems, heart shaped cookie cutters, red heart baking cups, and rolling and cutting tools. He loved making pretend cakes and putting them in the play oven in the adorable kitchen right next to the table. There was even a simply adorable flower market stand which allowed the kids to create their own bouquets with different colored flowers. There were toilet paper rolls for the kids to use to design their bouquets. He also had a blast at the giant sensory table, complete with rice, hidden goodies, pink and purple pasta shells, colorful mini crafting pompoms, and lots of different scoopers for digging, exploring, and burying. The “basket weaving station” had heart shaped baskets and fuzzy pipe cleaners which made for easy and fun weaving and decorating. And the “Valentine making station” was so sweet, with cards, stampers and rock crayons to decorate the cards, and several mailboxes for kids to “mail” their valentines!

I loved how the session we attended was adorably themed for Valentine’s Day. I could tell how carefully thought out each station was, with pink and red themed accessories, all the while engaging the children while having them use their fine motor skills!

I highly recommend this play group because of the focus on motor skills as well as encouraging creativity and imagination. Tristan and I will definitely be back and next time we’ll be bringing big brother, Johnny!

You can follow them on Instagram at @ThriveLearningHub or email them at ThriveLearningHub@gmail.com for more information and to sign up!

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