Holiday Shopping Guide

Okay, so I know that last time I posted I told everyone to take it easy on the holiday shopping for their kids.  I reminded all of you moms and dads that your kids don’t need a million toys this year.  Now, while that all still rings true, and I firmly believe in gifts that create memories, one must be realistic.  Kids love unwrapping gifts and who could blame them? I myself loved tearing into my Christmas gifts as a child.  I actually used to unwrap and re-wrap because the suspense of not knowing what my gifts would be was just too much for me to bear.  My mother still gets upset when she thinks about how I knew what all my gifts were ahead of time.  To this day, I still hate surprises!

I have compiled a list of some great gifts that have always been a hit in my house! My kids have grown up with a lot of these toys and most of them are toys that require some use of the imagination which is always a plus!

For the child who likes to clean and cook!

For the builders:

For the artist:

For the music lovers:

For the Star Wars fans:

Educational toy:

Clothing & Accessories:


For the readers:

Any books in the American Girl series…these were lifesavers!

Anything in this series! My two year old loves them!

I stand by all of these recommendations, as my children really loved each and every one of them! I will try and keep adding to the list as the season goes on. Happy shopping!

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