Mighty Mila

Mighty Mila by Katie Petruzziello and illustrations by Nadja Sarell

A must have for your child’s library this year is a heart warming story called Mighty Mila. This book is based on the true story of a young girl named Mila who gets cochlear implants and learns to navigate life with her new “super ears.” This book shows courage and resilience in learning how to adapt with difficult changes, all the while not losing your spunky sense of self along the way. My children love this book so much that we read it a few times a week. It is also so important to support inclusivity in children’s literature as well showing your children that kindness and acceptance is so important. Mila will warm your heart and make you laugh and smile in this beautiful journey of self acceptance and love. The illustrations are also bright and cheerful and there is very helpful and informative information at the end of the book. The author also has free printables and materials you can access when you visit her website. I am so happy that my children love and appreciate this book as much as I do and I am always happy to sit down and read it with them.

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